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Fall 2017

November 9, 2017


Fall is here and the cold snowy weather has come early this year.  Most of our horses have gone out to their winter pastures or boarding stables.  The usual seniors and extra care horses are settled in for the winter. If you are up for a visit at this time of year be aware that the road requires 4 wheel drive or chains for most of the winter.


Gate Update

 A new battery has been purchased for the gate and will soon be installed.  In the winter, when the road is slippery please take extra precautions when driving through the gate.  SLOW down and make sure you have enough time to get through the gate.

Lease Update

Please check your email, if you are a BVRA member for more information on this topic.

Sign and Bench on Indian Flats

As many of you know the MD of Bighorn applied and received a grant to place signs and benches in a number of locations around the Bow Valley.  The signs tell stories about the history of the land from the Stoney perspective. Indian Flats is one of the places they want to place a sign.  The sign and bench have been approved by the province and will be put up in the early Spring of 2018.  The sign will be in the area where the old parking lot was.  We are just waiting for a letter from the M.D. that states they will be responsible for the care, upkeep and end of life removal of the bench and sign.

Volunteer Hours

If you have completed volunteer hours for 2017 you need to email your hours and work completed to one of the Paddock and Grounds.  We need this information by the end of November.  Please send to or

 Winter Use at the BVRA

Please remember to keep your hay secure. Deer have been all over the paddock area over the last week.  When we have heavy snow they are looking for easy food sources.

Your horses need to have access to fresh, ice free water. Please make sure you have something set up for winter water access.


New Year’s bonfire and weenie roast.  Date to be announced.  We would like to invite everyone to come to a bon fire and weenie roast on the first warmish weekend in January. We’ll check the weather closer to the date and pick a Sunday in January for this.  Also a goodway to get rid of some tree branches!


General Meeting:

At this time we don’t have any urgent discussion items for a General Meeting.  We can keep everyone updated by email about the lease renewal.

However, if you feel you have items that you would like to bring to a General Meeting please let us, the Executive know and we can schedule one before the new year.


November 4, 2016

Fall is here and many of you have taken your horses out for winter. It is definitely quieter around the paddocks!

If you are planning to have horses in at any time over the next few months we have a few reminders for you.

1. Our Care and Responsibility of Horses that all horses owners sign states:
Horses must have access to clean, open water at all times. If horses are kept in during colder months a heat source is required to keep water ice free.
Please make sure you have organized a heating method to keep your water ice free!

2. Depending on the amount of snow we have, elk can be an issue in the winter. Sometimes, members need more hay than can be stored in a hayshed but round bales or extra hay stored outside must be secured. A tarp will not keep elk out. Snow fencing. electric fence or keeping hay inside a secure fence are some of the methods that can be employed. Please make sure your hay is elk secured.  If Elk get access to hay they will be persistent and will push horses off their hay in feeders as well.

3. The road can be extremely icy in winter especially around the top paddocks. Plan accordingly for the winter. Winter tires, chains and/or 4 wheel drive can be required to drive around the paddock area in winter. Also, remember the speed limit is 10 km an hour, even in winter!

4. The well is in winter operating mode. The main thing that has to be done when you are finished using the well is to run the pink hose down into the white pipe. This insures that it drains and doesn’t freeze. img_1279

End of Summer

August 18, 2016

Stoney Ride through the Bow Valley.

Conal Labelle rode from Morley to Indian Flats on August 11.  He had initially said there would  be up to 15 riders but in the end only he did the ride. Members of the Chiniki band set up a tipi and greeted him when he arrived. Mayor John Borrowman was also there to greet Conal and other members of the Morley Community. Conal is hoping that this will become a yearly tradition.FullSizeRenderIMG_4249

We just wanted to make everyone aware of what is happening with weeds on the BVRA property. We have had Green Tech Environmental Solutions do weed spraying on the Flats for the last few years. They will be doing more spraying within the next month. We will let you know the days that is happening. They do it in conjunction with the Town of Canmore weed spraying.
We do not spray up around the paddocks! So we encourage everyone to pull weeds in the areas adjacent to your paddock and also around the arena areas. The main weeds are toadflax and thistle. There are photos attached of these two weeds. Other weeds that can be pulled are stink weed, yellow clematis and any plants with burrs. Weeds should be bagged and thrown away with household garbage. DO NOT put in the manure piles. If you pull weeds on common areas you can count this time towards your volunteer hours. Please either show your bags to P and G. or take a before and after photo of the area you cleared and send to the Exec. along with time spent in order to have this apply to volunteer time. Here is a link to Alberta’s list of invasive plants:

Particular areas with infestation of toad flax, at the moment, are below the small arena and around the round pen.


Vicki Keen, Osteopath/Saddle Fitter/Horse Therapist to the BVRA on Wednesday September 28. Attached is advertising poster.

Horse and Dog Osteopath
            September 28st, 2016
       Bow Valley Riding Association

Vicki Keen

       Osteopath/Animal Therapist//Saddle Fitter & Builder

Reasons for your horse to see Vickie

  • Neck & Back Immobility
  • (Limited Side bending)
  • Shoulder Restrictions
  • Immobile Hips
  • Unable to pick up leads
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Mysterious Lameness
  • Saddle Sores
  • Unable to back up smoothly
  • Restrictions in the turns, having to over spur to spin
  • Suspensory Injury (Bowed Tendon)
    I have recently made the acquaintance and used the services of
    Vicki Keen.Vicki helped my 15 year old Gelding Montague with
    lameness in his left shoulder and hindquarters.My dog Morley had
    her hips out of alinement that were repositioned.
    Some of us may remember a visit by Janek Vluggen of Holland some
    years ago. With one hand movement by Janek, Montague was cured
    of chronic pain in his back and became a safe horse to ride
    immediately thereafter. When I had a pelvic injury last year, I
    went skipping off to our Canmore human Osteopath Clinic to be
    cured, my horses showed me the way. Call me crazy, Osteopathy
    If there are more patients than can be handled in one day; there
    is possibility that September 29th can be booked as well.
                      To schedule your appointment
                             please contact
          Karrie Archibald 403.609.8563
                Wendy Bush 403.762.0956

Main Gate

Note From Jim, are great gate repair man!

Yes, the gate looks like something from Deliverance, don’t forget to smile when you see it. THIS IS A TEST to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with one 14 foot opening gate on the south side. I am suggesting the club budget for a 14 foot gate (approximately $500) and I will replace the master piece. Please let everyone know they can email me directly if they have any questions or suggestions.


Spring News

May 1, 2016



Many people have brought their horses in and we are well into our 50th year as the Bow Valley Riding Association! Welcome back and happy riding in 2016.

We have a number of new members this year. As well, we have some new paddock holders. Congratulations to Indeana De Graff on her purchase of paddock # 20 and to Hetty Hammill on her purchase of paddock #29.

As we have a number of new members, it seemed look a good time to remind everyone about how the BVRA works and what our rules are.  Please see the Applications and Waivers page for copies of our General Rules, Arena Rules, Paddock Waitlist Procedures and Building Guidelines. The Building Guidelines are the most recent version approved and on file with the Province.


Some important reminders:

  1. The speed limit is 10 km an hour. Horses and pedestrians always have right of way. This speed limit applies to horses as well. Please be respectful and safe when riding.
  2. All children under 18 must wear a CEF approved helmet when riding.
  3. No alcohol consumption on the BVRA property. We are considered public lands and so alcohol consumption is illegal.
  4. Use of poison to deal with pests is not allowed. Please use traps for mouse problems.
  5. Guests are welcome but must sign waivers. Copies of waivers are in the Clubhouse. Remember these waivers do not cover you, only the BVRA. It is recommended that you have a personal waiver signed as well. If you have guests that are riding regularly… more than a few times a year… they need to become members of the BVRA and AEF. You are responsible for your guests!


All children need approved helmets on… even for a quick grazing ride!


If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Executive Board.


For 2016 they are:


Sue Falkner- March President

Kat Bowes Vice- President

Treasurer: Laurie Smith

Secretary: Lisa Young

Paddock and Grounds:

Tanya Larsen

Mandy Giannadrea

Emma Brissenden



We are continuing to work towards the renewal of our lease. Last year we had the property surveyed, which was one of the requirements for renewal. This year we have asked to have a formal inspection done. We will let you know when that will be happening when we know!


It looks like lessons with Ruth will be happening again! We will let you know more closer to the summer.


Lessons with Ruth!

A  First Aid Clinic was held on April 21st. Attendees commented that it was an excellent course and that they learned a lot!

First Aid

                                                             Learning about First Aid. 


January 2016

January 29, 2016


Happy 2016!  Membership Applications have been updated on the Applications and Waivers page.

A couple of reminders for everyone.  All persons under the age of 18, riding at the BVRA must wear an approved riding helmet. There are no exceptions.

It is also strongly recommended that if you have visitors coming up to go for a ride… have them wear a helmet! Helmets are not expensive and keeping a couple of extras around for friends to wear is a good idea.

Once again we remind everyone about the speed limit… it is 10 km an hour! Your car will feel like it is crawling. This speed includes when you are riding your horse through the club grounds… no speeding!

Manure… mountains of it!  We are still looking for a long term plan for manure management! Please email your thoughts and ideas on this issue.  We need a plan as we are no longer able to use the local gravel pits.


May News

May 12, 2015

Slow down!  A number of members have been seen driving through the Club grounds well above the posted speed limit of 10 km an hour.

This is one of the many reasons our speed limit is 10 km an hour:

Slow Down!

                            Slow Down!

Sylvia has been to one of Ruth’s clinics at the James River Horse Place in Sundre and says it was great! If you are interested there is a one day on Sunday May 24 – should be $90-$100 including arena fees
And another one day on Saturday June 13 – again. $90-$100
I think this will work well – easier on horses and riders and gives time to practice between the one day clinics.

Contact Fern Kornelson, for more information or to register.

The Banff Riding Club is having a Cowboy Challenge. The dates are at May 23-24. Please contact them for more information and if you want to get involved.

Work Party Day: The BVRA will be having a work party on Saturday, May 23. We will be raking and seeding all the areas where compost was spread last Fall. If you want to help please contact Paddock and Grounds.

New Executive 2015:

President: Sue Falkner-March
Vice-President: Kat Bowes (Parkin)
Treasurer: Karrie Archibald
Secretary: Lisa Young
Paddock and Grounds:
Tanya Larsen
Jan Marsh
Martin Marsh

Spring News

March 23, 2015


Spring is here and horses will soon be returning to the BVRA.  Last fall we spread soil on the rocks and other areas that were damaged by the flooding in 2013.  Much of that now needs to be racked out to be a little thinner in some areas and more level.  If you have some time, pick up a rack and come and get your core workout at the BVRA rather than spending money at the gym. It will count towards volunteer hours as well!

IMG_4181 None of us wants to think about this but Greg Alexander offers a great service when you are looking at end of life solutions for your horse. He also does horse hauling.

Please remember that the speed limit in the BVRA grounds is 10 km an hour.  We have lots of young children, not to mention the horses and dogs, that frequent our property. SLOW DOWN!

It should feel like your car is crawling along at that speed.  If someone feels uncomfortable with your speed and asks you to slow down… then you were going to fast!  It doesn’t matter what you think…. so don’t get upset…..just SLOW DOWN!  Vehicles do not have any right of way, horses and pedestrians do.

.IMG_4268 2

Memberships 2015

December 28, 2014

Jewel and HarrisonThe 2015 Membership Applications are now available on the Application page on this site.  Remember, you need to have your completed application in by March 31, 2015.  Also, a reminder that the changes voted on and approved for our By-laws two years ago have finally been updated with the province. This means that if you do not have your membership completed by June 2015, you will lose your membership permanently and your paddock will be transferred to the next person on the wait list. Don’t delay… do your application today!

At the last General Meeting we discussed Paddock Sales. A decision was made to have a Committee look at this issue. All emails that were sent in prior to the meeting were forwarded to the committee. If you have thoughts on this issue please email them to the Executive and they will be given to the Paddock Sales Committee.

Spring News

April 26, 2014


     “Is it Spring yet?”        


Flood Repairs Update

In January we hired an engineer to do an assessment of the creek. Alberta Environment would not accept our application to do work in the creek without an Engineer’s assessment. The engineer has completed her work and has sent it to Alberta Environment. Our application was approved and we can move forward with work on the creek! Keith Francis will be doing this for us.


Laurie Smith has worked very hard this winter to get us funds for some of our repair work. She has applied for grants and has worked with our insurance company so that we have some funds to do repair work.


BVRA Information

Our website/blog: All our membership applications and news are there. You can also sign up there and you will get an email sent to you whenever there is an update to the site.

We also have a Facebook group that you can ask to join.


Bear Valley Rescue

If you donate to charitable organizations please consider donating to Bear Valley. They do wonderful work on behalf of horses in our province. You can do a one time donation or you can donate monthly. You will get a tax receipt. Their website is:


Driving on the Property

Every year we remind members that the speed limit starting at the main gates is 10 km an hour. Vehicles do not have right of way. When you are travelling at this speed your car will feel like it is crawling. This is a safety and liability issue. Please adhere to the speed limit.


Clinic on May 25th

Sandra Sokoloski will be doing a Clinic on Sunday May 25th, so the arena will not be available during most of that day. It may be full at this point but auditors are welcome. Contact Tanya Larsen for more information.


Tanya is also organizing Cayley Sparry to come back again this year to do lessons. She will be available Monday evenings in May and June, and any evening for the rest of the summer.



Volunteering in 2014

We will continue to make volunteer opportunities available and let members know through email what they can do. It is up to members to take advantage of volunteer opportunities. If you have something that you want to do that would be helpful to the BVRA please let Paddock and Grounds know before you do any work. It is also up to members to let us know what volunteer time you have done by filling in the form attached to this year’s membership application.


General Meeting: May 15th

Our next General Meeting will be on May 15th 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Please plan to come as we will be making some important decisions on finances for this year. Agenda to follow. Please let Lisa know if you have any items for the agenda.

2014 Membership Application

February 10, 2014
2014 Membership Applications
 The application, along with waivers and associate memberships is available on the second page of this blog.  There is one significant change this year.  Due to the amount of funds we have spent  and will be spending in the near future on flood mitigation, we have asked for a one time fee per paddock holder and paddock share holder of $100.00.  However,  there is also the option of buying into our Sobey’s cards with post-dated cheques.  By doing this you do not have to pay the extra $100.00 fee.   Applications are due in by March 31, 2014.
Email Etiquette

Please respect our club members and do not send out emails to our entire membership.

Any e-mails regarding club issues/concerns/questions are best sent to the Executive only.  When individual members e-mail the entire membership expressing their personal views, it results in confusion and/or a flurry of unnecessary e-mail activity.  More importantly, it seems that e-mails expressing the personal views of club members are mistakenly taken by some members as expressing the views and/or directions of the BVRA/Executive.  Any confusion could be eliminated by members with concerns addressing them to the Executive only, with any directions to members flowing from a careful consideration of that concern being sent directly by the Executive to the membership as a whole.    


We have created a closed group on Facebook that you can join.  If you are on Facebook and are interested in joining the group contact Lisa Young or Kat Parkin to join.