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2014 Membership Application

February 10, 2014
2014 Membership Applications
 The application, along with waivers and associate memberships is available on the second page of this blog.  There is one significant change this year.  Due to the amount of funds we have spent  and will be spending in the near future on flood mitigation, we have asked for a one time fee per paddock holder and paddock share holder of $100.00.  However,  there is also the option of buying into our Sobey’s cards with post-dated cheques.  By doing this you do not have to pay the extra $100.00 fee.   Applications are due in by March 31, 2014.
Email Etiquette

Please respect our club members and do not send out emails to our entire membership.

Any e-mails regarding club issues/concerns/questions are best sent to the Executive only.  When individual members e-mail the entire membership expressing their personal views, it results in confusion and/or a flurry of unnecessary e-mail activity.  More importantly, it seems that e-mails expressing the personal views of club members are mistakenly taken by some members as expressing the views and/or directions of the BVRA/Executive.  Any confusion could be eliminated by members with concerns addressing them to the Executive only, with any directions to members flowing from a careful consideration of that concern being sent directly by the Executive to the membership as a whole.    


We have created a closed group on Facebook that you can join.  If you are on Facebook and are interested in joining the group contact Lisa Young or Kat Parkin to join.
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