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Spring News

April 26, 2014


     “Is it Spring yet?”        


Flood Repairs Update

In January we hired an engineer to do an assessment of the creek. Alberta Environment would not accept our application to do work in the creek without an Engineer’s assessment. The engineer has completed her work and has sent it to Alberta Environment. Our application was approved and we can move forward with work on the creek! Keith Francis will be doing this for us.


Laurie Smith has worked very hard this winter to get us funds for some of our repair work. She has applied for grants and has worked with our insurance company so that we have some funds to do repair work.


BVRA Information

Our website/blog: All our membership applications and news are there. You can also sign up there and you will get an email sent to you whenever there is an update to the site.

We also have a Facebook group that you can ask to join.


Bear Valley Rescue

If you donate to charitable organizations please consider donating to Bear Valley. They do wonderful work on behalf of horses in our province. You can do a one time donation or you can donate monthly. You will get a tax receipt. Their website is:


Driving on the Property

Every year we remind members that the speed limit starting at the main gates is 10 km an hour. Vehicles do not have right of way. When you are travelling at this speed your car will feel like it is crawling. This is a safety and liability issue. Please adhere to the speed limit.


Clinic on May 25th

Sandra Sokoloski will be doing a Clinic on Sunday May 25th, so the arena will not be available during most of that day. It may be full at this point but auditors are welcome. Contact Tanya Larsen for more information.


Tanya is also organizing Cayley Sparry to come back again this year to do lessons. She will be available Monday evenings in May and June, and any evening for the rest of the summer.



Volunteering in 2014

We will continue to make volunteer opportunities available and let members know through email what they can do. It is up to members to take advantage of volunteer opportunities. If you have something that you want to do that would be helpful to the BVRA please let Paddock and Grounds know before you do any work. It is also up to members to let us know what volunteer time you have done by filling in the form attached to this year’s membership application.


General Meeting: May 15th

Our next General Meeting will be on May 15th 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Please plan to come as we will be making some important decisions on finances for this year. Agenda to follow. Please let Lisa know if you have any items for the agenda.

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