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Spring News

March 23, 2015


Spring is here and horses will soon be returning to the BVRA.  Last fall we spread soil on the rocks and other areas that were damaged by the flooding in 2013.  Much of that now needs to be racked out to be a little thinner in some areas and more level.  If you have some time, pick up a rack and come and get your core workout at the BVRA rather than spending money at the gym. It will count towards volunteer hours as well!

IMG_4181 None of us wants to think about this but Greg Alexander offers a great service when you are looking at end of life solutions for your horse. He also does horse hauling.

Please remember that the speed limit in the BVRA grounds is 10 km an hour.  We have lots of young children, not to mention the horses and dogs, that frequent our property. SLOW DOWN!

It should feel like your car is crawling along at that speed.  If someone feels uncomfortable with your speed and asks you to slow down… then you were going to fast!  It doesn’t matter what you think…. so don’t get upset…..just SLOW DOWN!  Vehicles do not have any right of way, horses and pedestrians do.

.IMG_4268 2

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