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Spring News

May 1, 2016



Many people have brought their horses in and we are well into our 50th year as the Bow Valley Riding Association! Welcome back and happy riding in 2016.

We have a number of new members this year. As well, we have some new paddock holders. Congratulations to Indeana De Graff on her purchase of paddock # 20 and to Hetty Hammill on her purchase of paddock #29.

As we have a number of new members, it seemed look a good time to remind everyone about how the BVRA works and what our rules are.  Please see the Applications and Waivers page for copies of our General Rules, Arena Rules, Paddock Waitlist Procedures and Building Guidelines. The Building Guidelines are the most recent version approved and on file with the Province.


Some important reminders:

  1. The speed limit is 10 km an hour. Horses and pedestrians always have right of way. This speed limit applies to horses as well. Please be respectful and safe when riding.
  2. All children under 18 must wear a CEF approved helmet when riding.
  3. No alcohol consumption on the BVRA property. We are considered public lands and so alcohol consumption is illegal.
  4. Use of poison to deal with pests is not allowed. Please use traps for mouse problems.
  5. Guests are welcome but must sign waivers. Copies of waivers are in the Clubhouse. Remember these waivers do not cover you, only the BVRA. It is recommended that you have a personal waiver signed as well. If you have guests that are riding regularly… more than a few times a year… they need to become members of the BVRA and AEF. You are responsible for your guests!


All children need approved helmets on… even for a quick grazing ride!


If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Executive Board.


For 2016 they are:


Sue Falkner- March President

Kat Bowes Vice- President

Treasurer: Laurie Smith

Secretary: Lisa Young

Paddock and Grounds:

Tanya Larsen

Mandy Giannadrea

Emma Brissenden



We are continuing to work towards the renewal of our lease. Last year we had the property surveyed, which was one of the requirements for renewal. This year we have asked to have a formal inspection done. We will let you know when that will be happening when we know!


It looks like lessons with Ruth will be happening again! We will let you know more closer to the summer.


Lessons with Ruth!

A  First Aid Clinic was held on April 21st. Attendees commented that it was an excellent course and that they learned a lot!

First Aid

                                                             Learning about First Aid. 


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