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End of Summer

August 18, 2016

Stoney Ride through the Bow Valley.

Conal Labelle rode from Morley to Indian Flats on August 11.  He had initially said there would  be up to 15 riders but in the end only he did the ride. Members of the Chiniki band set up a tipi and greeted him when he arrived. Mayor John Borrowman was also there to greet Conal and other members of the Morley Community. Conal is hoping that this will become a yearly tradition.FullSizeRenderIMG_4249

We just wanted to make everyone aware of what is happening with weeds on the BVRA property. We have had Green Tech Environmental Solutions do weed spraying on the Flats for the last few years. They will be doing more spraying within the next month. We will let you know the days that is happening. They do it in conjunction with the Town of Canmore weed spraying.
We do not spray up around the paddocks! So we encourage everyone to pull weeds in the areas adjacent to your paddock and also around the arena areas. The main weeds are toadflax and thistle. There are photos attached of these two weeds. Other weeds that can be pulled are stink weed, yellow clematis and any plants with burrs. Weeds should be bagged and thrown away with household garbage. DO NOT put in the manure piles. If you pull weeds on common areas you can count this time towards your volunteer hours. Please either show your bags to P and G. or take a before and after photo of the area you cleared and send to the Exec. along with time spent in order to have this apply to volunteer time. Here is a link to Alberta’s list of invasive plants:

Particular areas with infestation of toad flax, at the moment, are below the small arena and around the round pen.


Vicki Keen, Osteopath/Saddle Fitter/Horse Therapist to the BVRA on Wednesday September 28. Attached is advertising poster.

Horse and Dog Osteopath
            September 28st, 2016
       Bow Valley Riding Association

Vicki Keen

       Osteopath/Animal Therapist//Saddle Fitter & Builder

Reasons for your horse to see Vickie

  • Neck & Back Immobility
  • (Limited Side bending)
  • Shoulder Restrictions
  • Immobile Hips
  • Unable to pick up leads
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Mysterious Lameness
  • Saddle Sores
  • Unable to back up smoothly
  • Restrictions in the turns, having to over spur to spin
  • Suspensory Injury (Bowed Tendon)
    I have recently made the acquaintance and used the services of
    Vicki Keen.Vicki helped my 15 year old Gelding Montague with
    lameness in his left shoulder and hindquarters.My dog Morley had
    her hips out of alinement that were repositioned.
    Some of us may remember a visit by Janek Vluggen of Holland some
    years ago. With one hand movement by Janek, Montague was cured
    of chronic pain in his back and became a safe horse to ride
    immediately thereafter. When I had a pelvic injury last year, I
    went skipping off to our Canmore human Osteopath Clinic to be
    cured, my horses showed me the way. Call me crazy, Osteopathy
    If there are more patients than can be handled in one day; there
    is possibility that September 29th can be booked as well.
                      To schedule your appointment
                             please contact
          Karrie Archibald 403.609.8563
                Wendy Bush 403.762.0956

Main Gate

Note From Jim, are great gate repair man!

Yes, the gate looks like something from Deliverance, don’t forget to smile when you see it. THIS IS A TEST to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with one 14 foot opening gate on the south side. I am suggesting the club budget for a 14 foot gate (approximately $500) and I will replace the master piece. Please let everyone know they can email me directly if they have any questions or suggestions.


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