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November 4, 2016

Fall is here and many of you have taken your horses out for winter. It is definitely quieter around the paddocks!

If you are planning to have horses in at any time over the next few months we have a few reminders for you.

1. Our Care and Responsibility of Horses that all horses owners sign states:
Horses must have access to clean, open water at all times. If horses are kept in during colder months a heat source is required to keep water ice free.
Please make sure you have organized a heating method to keep your water ice free!

2. Depending on the amount of snow we have, elk can be an issue in the winter. Sometimes, members need more hay than can be stored in a hayshed but round bales or extra hay stored outside must be secured. A tarp will not keep elk out. Snow fencing. electric fence or keeping hay inside a secure fence are some of the methods that can be employed. Please make sure your hay is elk secured.  If Elk get access to hay they will be persistent and will push horses off their hay in feeders as well.

3. The road can be extremely icy in winter especially around the top paddocks. Plan accordingly for the winter. Winter tires, chains and/or 4 wheel drive can be required to drive around the paddock area in winter. Also, remember the speed limit is 10 km an hour, even in winter!

4. The well is in winter operating mode. The main thing that has to be done when you are finished using the well is to run the pink hose down into the white pipe. This insures that it drains and doesn’t freeze. img_1279

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