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Fall 2017

November 9, 2017


Fall is here and the cold snowy weather has come early this year.  Most of our horses have gone out to their winter pastures or boarding stables.  The usual seniors and extra care horses are settled in for the winter. If you are up for a visit at this time of year be aware that the road requires 4 wheel drive or chains for most of the winter.


Gate Update

 A new battery has been purchased for the gate and will soon be installed.  In the winter, when the road is slippery please take extra precautions when driving through the gate.  SLOW down and make sure you have enough time to get through the gate.

Lease Update

Please check your email, if you are a BVRA member for more information on this topic.

Sign and Bench on Indian Flats

As many of you know the MD of Bighorn applied and received a grant to place signs and benches in a number of locations around the Bow Valley.  The signs tell stories about the history of the land from the Stoney perspective. Indian Flats is one of the places they want to place a sign.  The sign and bench have been approved by the province and will be put up in the early Spring of 2018.  The sign will be in the area where the old parking lot was.  We are just waiting for a letter from the M.D. that states they will be responsible for the care, upkeep and end of life removal of the bench and sign.

Volunteer Hours

If you have completed volunteer hours for 2017 you need to email your hours and work completed to one of the Paddock and Grounds.  We need this information by the end of November.  Please send to or

 Winter Use at the BVRA

Please remember to keep your hay secure. Deer have been all over the paddock area over the last week.  When we have heavy snow they are looking for easy food sources.

Your horses need to have access to fresh, ice free water. Please make sure you have something set up for winter water access.


New Year’s bonfire and weenie roast.  Date to be announced.  We would like to invite everyone to come to a bon fire and weenie roast on the first warmish weekend in January. We’ll check the weather closer to the date and pick a Sunday in January for this.  Also a goodway to get rid of some tree branches!


General Meeting:

At this time we don’t have any urgent discussion items for a General Meeting.  We can keep everyone updated by email about the lease renewal.

However, if you feel you have items that you would like to bring to a General Meeting please let us, the Executive know and we can schedule one before the new year.

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