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Happy New Year

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! 


 We have a number of items that we wanted to update BVRA members on.



1.  Our application for a TFA (temporary field authorization) to do work in the creek was turned down again because it did not have engineered drawings and we were also turned to down to get access to one of the two engineering firms the provincial government has hired.  What this means is that we will need hire someone who has the expertise to in this area to do some drawings for us.  The following is part of an email received from Natalia at the Water Act:


Just wanted to follow up on our last telephone conversation. As we discussed, we will accept non-engineered drawings that provide sufficient information for decision-making:


The information I am looking for is

–              Lateral extent of creek re-channelization;

–              the width of the proposed excavation (on top and bottom);

–              depth of the proposed excavation;

–              bank slope of the proposed creek (when re-channelized);

–              information on erosion protection if any (Rock shape, size, gradation, blanket thickness and toe treatment if any)


As you can see, she is saying that we don’t necessarily need an engineer to draw them but we do need someone with expertise in this area.  So if any members either know an engineer who could give us  “a deal” so to speak or someone who is able to draw plans that show the above information please contact me:


As we look forward towards the spring, we are planning to start stockpiling sandbags. These will be used to protect our road and other infrastructure.  The creek will be unpredictable this year even if we are able to do some work in that area so we would like to be able to sandbag any areas of concern.  If you have sandbags around that you would like to donate please drop them off in front of the clubhouse.


2. Gate.  Just before Christmas someone ran into the gate and broke it.  No one came forward to admit doing this.  Luckily, Tim took the gate arms apart, ordered parts and repaired them for a fraction of what it would have cost to replace both arms. They are going to be reinstalled but the gate is going to be left open for the time being.  We are looking into the feasibility of installing a camera at the gates.  It is very frustrating when someone damages BVRA property and does not admit to their mistake!  In the end it costs all of us when something like this happens.


3. Paddock Share Opportunity: Paddock Sharing can be a great way to get help with the care of your own horses. It can also give a single horse a companion.  It also allows people the opportunity to get to know the club and how we work before they buy a paddock. It gives the BVRA a good way to recruit new members. Please consider it if you have the space.

Hi, my name is Mia Barbaro. I am 15 years old I’ve been riding for about 7 months but have loved horses ever since I was little. Recently, I found a horse that I’m thinking seriously about buying and I would like to have her close to me, she is a 12 year old mare good with other horses and I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to share a paddock with me. If you would be willing  or have more questions you can email me at or call me at 403 678 3847. Thanks for your consideration.


4.  At the last general meeting in November a motion was put forward and passed to have the Executive stay the same for 2014.  The reason for this was to keep some continuity as we continue to recover from the Flood.  The 2013 Executive has met and built relationships with various people who are helping us through the myriad of red tape and bureaucracy that is involved in getting work done.  As we know from past experience when we change executive members, it can be difficult to communicate all the information that is needed to move forward with ongoing projects.  The present Executive members have agreed to continue in their positions for one more year.  If for any reason, sometime during the year, someone steps down from a position, we would have an election at that time for that position.


5.  Fundraising: Laurie Smith has been working very hard on our behalf looking for funds for the BVRA.  We will get some money from our insurance company for the repairs of the small arena.  Applications have gone in to the Disaster Recovery Program on the behalf of the BVRA and we are waiting to hear from them. As most of you know, Barb Forster, applied and got us a grant from the Alberta Trail Riders Association of $5,000.00.  This money is specifically for trail repairs or improvements.

Another fundraising opportunity is Sobey’s cards. We earned $1,805 in 2012 and another $1,350 in 2013 for a total of $3,155.  Just four members bought most of these cards. Lu is running the program again this year and those four members are continuing to participate…perhaps others would like to join in??  Any interested people can simply write out 12 post dated cheques to the BVRA for whatever amount they desire, and pass them on to Tanya Larsen or Lu Doucette.

6.  New membership applications will be available in the next couple of weeks. We will have them online at


We hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season.  We look forward to great things in 2014.



BVRA ExecutiveImage

Planning After the Flood

September 23, 2013




In June we had an unprecedented event at the BVRA, as did the rest of our community.  Our land was badly flooded and some of our facilities damaged or destroyed.


Within a few days of the flood some machinery was brought up and a rudimentary road to the upper paddocks was put in that allowed access to that area.


In order to do more extensive work, we needed permission from the province.  This has taken some time to get but:


  1. We now have permission from the province to do any repair work necessary to get our lease fully operational again.
  2. The creek is a far more complex issue and in order to get any work done in that area. 1. We need approval from Alberta Parks.  2 We need approval from the Water Act and Public Lands departments, which is granted through a Temporary Field Authorization. Even if this is all done it may not be fixable and/or it could be extremely expensive.


Last Friday we did a walk around the lease with Dan Adams and Frankie Kerr and had a discussion about the flood, damage to the lease and our upcoming lease renewal.

A number of things came out of this discussion. 


  1. There is no guarantee that if we repair the road and paddocks that they will not be damaged again in future spring runoffs especially as the creek channel may have changed. We should keep this in mind when we decide how much to spend on repairing and upgrading the current road.


  1. Dan Adams suggested we looked at alternatives to the existing road, including but not limited to, decommissioning that road and replacing it with a road where the bunny trail is now.  The road by the creek would then become a riding trail and also a berm could be put in that location.  Our lease also extends some way up behind the last road and we could build a turn around for trailers in this area. We also looked at the possibility of having a road come in from where the Alpine Club is presently cutting wood.


  1. Long term we talked of moving and decommissioning some paddocks that are at higher risk.  We would be allowed to have new development on the west side of the present paddocks.  A) Where the Alpine Club used to cut wood (this actually used to be a paddock) and B) west of Sandy and Heidi’s paddocks.  There may be other options as well.


  1. Sylvia and Mandy went to a meeting with the town. An engineer, hired by the town, had looked at our creek. It was discussed that most of the area where our paddocks are presently, is in an extreme flood zone so even if we do these changes there is no guarantee that we will not be affected by flooding sometime in the future.


  1. There is no other land available to us in the Bow Valley. The land we have is what we have to deal with.  Other areas on our lease are at lesser risk of flooding but it is unlikely that we would be allowed any development on Indian Flats as artifacts have been found there and it has historical significance.  It would also be extremely expensive to remove and rebuild elsewhere on the lease.


  1. More than likely, our lease will be renewed.  No one is interested in our land for other purposes and even if they were we have been here a long time and we have been good tenants of the land. (They like us!)  However, in order to get a 25 year lease we would need to have a survey done. If we don’t have a survey done we would only get a 10 year lease.  Surveys are expensive and as no complete survey has been done of the lease it could show irregularities in our present boundaries that would then need to be dealt with. In other words, our present boundary is where it is and can continue to be there.  However, if it turns out it isn’t exactly accurate then we would have to look at dealing with it.  Although, Dan Adams said “You have been here at lot longer than anything else around you and that gives you some precedence if there was a boundary discrepancy.” The bottom line is we have to decide if we want to survey or not.




In the next little while paddock holders may be asked to make some complicated and challenging decisions. Some of those decisions will affect the way our club looks.  They may affect the way we operate.  As we move forward, we need to be thoughtful, patient and flexible.  This will affect some of us more than others but whatever we do should be in the best interests of the BVRA as a whole.





February 2013 News

February 9, 2013

1) from Maria Cavaliere
My name is Maria Cavaliere, I live in Canmore I recently purchased a horse (gelding). I’m looking to share or sublet a paddock this summer. If I enjoy my new pony, I’ll be purchasing a paddock. I’m willing to draft/sign a sublease agreement, pay a security deposit to ensure your paddock is well cared for (my husband is very handy). References available if required.

If you would kindly let me know if you are interested, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Maria HP: 403.609.2592 E:

2) from Brenden – Iron Horse Farrier
Brenden is a fully certified farrier with a life-time of experiences working with and training all types of horses. Brenden has extensive experience with both Hot and Cold Shoeing, corrective trimming and conformation trimming. He is gentle and patient with the animals and their well-being is his top priority. Services Include:
Basic Hoof Trims – $35
Draft/Clydesdale Trim – $40- $50
Front Set- $90
Full Set – $110
Both HOT and COLD Shoeing
Specialized Pad- Additional Cost

For further information call Brenden at (403)437-8206
Email Brenden at:

3) Jerry Tindell Clinic – MAY 16-19,2013
Eagle Hill Equine, Olds, AB

Summer Update

August 14, 2012

Heidi’s dog Summit was attacked Wednesday July 25 in the evening by two aggressive coyotes.  They have been following horses and dogs on the trail. They have become braver.  They just about killed Summit, who will be at the vets for a few more days.  Condolences to Heidi on the loss of Summit, who passed away a few days after this incident.
Please be careful. We don’t want anyone to go through this with another dog or worse, a child.

The people from Greystone America, who sold us and delivered the new Arena Rake, are selling the Porta Grazers slow feeders. They are coming back to Alberta to deliver other Arena Rakes that were sold at the Mane Event and offered to deliver PortaGrazers free of delivery charges on their way through. Prices will be as shown here: (US Dollars + GST)  
      Standard       25 lbs hay        $229
      X-Large        35 lbs hay        $259
      Standard with travel water lid   $279    
      X-Large with travel water lid    $309

Comes in 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ holes in the feed restricter pan.3″ for ponies, minis, 3.5 standard for horses, 4″ for draft, larger horses, 
Details are available here:

Other sites:

Indian Flats Road:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14 and 15, Metro Paving will be on Indian Flats Road putting recycled material down to reduce the dust and washboard.

FYI: There is a dead deer above the club on the top of the hill. Mostly eaten.

Volunteer Opportunities:
    1) Arena and Round Pen Manure:  We had volunteers lined up to empty the manure buckets at the arena and the round pen 3 times a week for a 5-6 weeks. Rick was signed up for Aug 16 to Sept 16  but won’t be able to do it due to his injury. An volunteers?

    2) Design a Shelter for the new Arena Rake:  We need someone with some carpentry experience to design a shelter to protect the new harrows from the rain and snow. It will be situated where the harrows are now parked, or around the corner of the holding pens. It could be a simple cantilevered roof. It needs to be wide enough to cover the harrows and accessible enough the someone could back up to the harrows to hitch and unhitch easily. Any ideas as to how to make this strong, easy to use, and not too expensive?  We’d like a plan by the end of August, so we can line people up to get it built in September.  Call or email Lu   cell: 403.760.5740 email: <>

Upper Manure Pile – Note from Karrie:
    Thanks for getting your manure as far to the back as possible!  The plan is still to get it to the top and keep stacking either to the left side or the right side. Please leave a ramp on each side that leads up to the middle of the top, so the next step is to dump from the edge of the top ramp and work forward. This will allow us to pack the manure enough to have it removed only once a year, saving the club a lot of money, that we can use for other things. Also, if any one wants to lend me a hand for raking and stomping, I usually spend anywhere from half an hour to an hour on this per day, I have been doing this for well over a month now and I am burning out. Please lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

Now is the time to pull weeds before they go to seed in your paddock or throughout the grounds. Please take time to pull foxtail from the roots as soon as possible. Those seeds are deadly if caught in an animals throat. Chickweed is rampant. As well, those blue flowered hitchhikers are sure annoying on pantlegs and hocks. Foxtail is deadly for dogs. See

Please bag the weeds and seeds and leave out on main road. Wendy will pick up and dispose.

Round Pen Repairs

May 18, 2012

At the last BVRA meeting we discussed maintenance work that needed to
be done including putting in some drainage tiles so water doesn’t
pool up and replacing the rotten and missing lower boards as well as
any other broken, loose, rotten boards, and finally putting up
latched for the 2 gates.

In the last 2 weeks there have been 2 very close calls in the round
pen, either of which could have seriously injured a person or a
horse. On a very windy day one of the gates flew open in the wind,
and almost hit someone working in the round pen. And one of Wendy’s
horses slipped, sliding and breaking through a rotten bottom rail,
going through, unbelievably, with both back feet before scrambling
back up. A tendon could have easily been severed.

The Executive decided to move up the work on the round pen to this
week. We realize that some members signed up while at the meeting to
work on the round in early June. We apologize to those members for
changing plans but feel that safety is the issue.

The current plan: Martin has hired 3 of his workers to start at
10:00 am on Friday, May 18th in the hope of getting the drainage
tiles and lower boards done quickly so the round pen can be in use
again. Volunteers would be very much appreciated to work on Friday
but we understand that many people cannot do that.

Just keeping you all in the loop.

Feed order/ Farrier/ Paddock Share

April 13, 2012

Kathy Francis has arranged an order from North 40. If you want anything brought out Sunday, April 15th just call Carol at North 40 and let her know what you need. Phone 403.932.5113

NOTE: Please call Carol by Friday, April 13th.

Iron Horse Farrier:
Brenden is a fully certified farrier with a life-time of experiences working with and training all types of horses. Brenden does hot and cold shoeing, corrective trimming, and conformation trimming. Services include:
Basic Hoof Trims – $35
Draft/Clydesdale Trim – $40- $50
Front Set- $90 Full Set – $110
Both HOT and COLD Shoeing
Specialized Pad- Additional Cost
For further information call Brenden at (403)437-8206
Email Brenden at:

Mandy used him last summer. Questions? Email Mandy at
Hi my name is Phèdre Bergeron
I recently moved to Canmore. I am originally from Québec where I use to barrel race for the past ten years. Now that I am here I am looking for a place for my horse. I am interested to share a paddock with a paddock holder.
This person is looking to paddock share or sublet this summer. If you have an empty paddock or a lonely horse give her a call!
Hi my name is Phèdre Bergeron
I recently moved to Canmore. I am originally from Québec where I use to barrel race for the past ten years. Now that I am here I am looking for a place for my horse. I am interested to share a paddock with a paddock holder.
My horse is a 17 years old Quarter-Horse gelding. Very well mannered. Really nice to other horses. Non dominant.
If you are interested to share your paddock here is my phone number : 403-707-9235

2012 President’s message

April 13, 2012

Hi All Members

A new year is with us and no doubt a lot of us will be bringing back our horses soon, the winter has not been too bad for those that kept them in at the club.

Your new Executive are:

Martin Marsh President
Lisa Young Vice President
Sue Falkner-March Past President
Mandy Brissenden Secretary
Lu Doucette Treasurer
Jan Marsh Paddock & Grounds
Wendy Bush Paddock & Grounds
John Derrick Paddock & Grounds

At a recent Executive meeting we decided on what we wanted to achieve this year at the club, so we will be organizing a work party in May for all of you that wish to contribute to the maintenance of our dear club. Details will be sent out to you all later.

At the recent AGM it was decided to purchase the Sobey’s cards that would generate some extra revenue for our club on items we all purchase every day. I would like you all to consider purchasing some of these from Lu so that the club can enjoy the benefits of this. You do not have to buy thousands of dollars, we can all spend at least $100 per month at Sobey’s quite easily so please consider this. From the first order of cards, we have sold $3300 to members, with $3200 worth of cards remaining. Once those are sold we’ll have earned $455. It would be great to be earning this every month or two.

A reminder on your memberships, these are due at the end of this month, it would be helpful if you could all get these in earlier than that so Lisa is not swamped at month end or chasing members for the details, after all she has volunteered her and effort on this and why make it more difficult for her? Your help here (by submitting a complete form, proof of insurance, and a post dated volunteer cheque) would really be appreciated!

Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see happen with the club this year, after all it is your club and we as an executive are only here to follow through on the membership requests as best we can.

Best wishes to you all and look forward to seeing you back at the club later this spring.

Martin J Marsh

Welcome to 2012 at the BVRA

January 26, 2012

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick post to let you know that the 2012 membership applications and waivers are up on the Applications and Waivers page.  They are due in by March 31st.

Paddock Share, Need help and an Invitation!

July 10, 2011

Paddock Sharing…

Kate Hoppe is looking to share a paddock. She has her horse at Alborak right now but is working at Lake Louise so it’s a long drive. Her horse, Larkspur, is a 14.1, 16-years old, Welsh Pony x Thoroughbred cross, very calm, not dominate. Kate is willing in the paddock on weekends and pay for hay/feed. etc.

Call Kate @ 403-497-4697 or email

Raffle Tickets…

In memory and thanks for more than 30 years of caring for many of the Bow Valley Riding Association horses on winter pasture, the BVRA arranged the donation of an historic photo by Bruno Engler to be given to the Rodgers family of Cremona. They in turn are raffling off a framed print at the Dogpound Rodeo this July 20th. Proceeds to go to the Dogpound Stampede Society, a club near and dear to Doug and Peggy Rodgers.

Raffle tickets for the framed print, Winter Pasture, are $5.00 and are available from Cheryl McTrowe or Wendy Bush.

Please pony up!


Need help around your paddock?

My name is Emma Brissenden and I am 13 years old. I keep my pony Fassifern with my mum’s horse Tolly at Paddock 26. As school has now ended, I am looking for work during the summer so I can pay my share of the expense of keeping and feeding my pony. I am happy to do most paddock chores including mature removal, tack cleaning, and grooming horses.

My rate is $7.50 per hour but listed below are some flat rate for particular jobs.

Rates for specific jobs:
Grooming $5.00
Picking up and removing manure $5.00 / day for one horse.
If paddock has not been picked for a while, the $7.50 an hour rate applies until paddock is clean and then the day rate applies.

For any tasks not listed or any questions please contact me. I can work for you on a regular basis, or fill in while you’re away, or if you just need a little extra help at times.

You can call me at 403-675-6698


An invitation from Rick Mozil:

Howdy … Willie and Cheyenne’s Paddock 4A Warming, Potluck and Campfire Stories, Sunday, July 24, 2011 – drop in or by anytime after 5:30 PM, and stay if you can until the moon rises over the north-east ridge. All members are invited to join Willie and Cheyenne in their new home for a cowboy country style gathering of friends. This is their way of thanking neighbors and friends for helping build their new home. Bring your stories, a finger food and/or dessert dish to share and your refreshments – not to forget a folding chair or blanket to park your behinds on, and bug spray or grease. Willie and Cheyenne enjoy natural horse cookies and treats. I’m looking for a partner to volunteer their firebox for the evening. Willie and Cheyenne home is a smoke-free environment.

Questions? Call Rick @ 403-609-1146

Riding Lessons with Ruth Fowler

June 24, 2011

Ruth Fowler is offering lessons again this summer on Wednesday evenings. Lessons will start in July. Ruth needs a minimum of 8 riders to come out to Canmore.

She’d like 2 groups of 4 at $25.00 each or if there are more than 8 people interested she would put in a 3rd lesson. Semi-private lessons (2 people) are also available at $35.00 each. All lessons are one hour long.

1) Kat Parkin has agreed to organize the Wednesday night lessons with Ruth Fowler. Contact Kat at or home= 403-675-6782 or cell= 403-701-9260

2) Have you noticed how clean (and empty) the manure buckets at the arena and the round pen have been this summer? I sure have! Rick Mozil has been emptying them Mon/Wed/Fri for the month of June to get in his volunteer hours. Can someone take on this job for the month of July? Someone else for the month of August? Please email Lu.